A Leading DevOps & Cloud Management Partner

We help organizations plan, implement, and optimize their cloud computing operations to save money and achieve greater levels of innovation.
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When someone from North Labs talks to you about the cloud, there's no doubt that they are among the most knowledgable experts in the world.
Code For America

We help our customers build high-performance software engineering systems by sharing our expertise in application lifecycle management, DevOps, and cloud-native architecture.

A Trusted Cloud Partner

Incorporating true CloudOps is more than technical. It’s also cultural. We will help your organization get there.

Serious CloudOps

We blend DevOps, Security and Cloud Management best practices to give your environment the end-to-end support it needs to thrive.

Built In The Cloud

North Labs was built in the cloud, just like the products we architect. We can help you leverage the cloud in ways you never thought possible. 


Let our experts help transform your cloud processes. Our team will help you establish cloud management practices that exceed your goals.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Your greenfield and legacy projects are in good hands with our team of cloud architects. We can work solo or with your existing teams.

Cloud Audits

Want to make sure your organization is on the right track? We will review every inch of your cloud process and let you know, free of charge. 

  • “The best part of working with North Labs is their unmatched DevOps expertise. Since our first conversation their team has challenged us to ensure that we were on the right track for our business and technology goals while maintaining regulatory compliance.”

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  • “North Lab’s commitment to excellence is matched only by their eagerness to sink their teeth into new challenges. They all have commendable talent in their fields and knocked our project out of the park. I enjoyed working with them and would refer them to anyone.”

    Neal –  Owner, Plaid
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